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THe game is flawed. Could you also cut the booing sound? Most annoying thing.

It's boring. I like the graphics. But I think you should have made a "How-To" page. I had some difficulty finding the attack moves at first. Overall, a good time killer.

The graphics are hideous. There's not much to it. Before you submit anything here, make sure, you have practiced a lot. In your description you say "This is my first game so it sucks". If it sucks for you, you think people will like it? And again, practice and practice. Don't submit just to have something submitted.

Edness responds:

Whatever, wc2 is gonna be better.

Simple but boring. The graphics are okay, and the music is fitting. I noticed that after a while it gets choppy.

Amazing game. I love the music and the fact that I have to go through all the levels. Frustating at some point but a nice time killer.

Really nice tribute. The FBI shootout is way to laggy and I noticed that the other player can shoot 3-4 enemies at once! It's the only bug I found.

I like the slippery effect when the character is running. It makes it more challenging. I'm quite lazy myself so I didn't finish the game.

It's not original, I can tell you that. But try to make the levels more complex with using just a character. Using two characters makes it annoying for me. Well, this is my opinion. I like the retro graphics and the physics and such.

The graphics are decent. You should have added a list of clothes. You have added different body types different backgrounds to chooose from. You could have added like a small history lesson for the types of the historic icons you give. Overall, I believe it's a sloppy job.

It's nowehere near original. The controls are repetive and there is not story at all. I suggest adding plot to make it more interesting to play. Give viewers a reason to play this game. Endless waves of shooting enemies is not going to achieve it. I liked the graphics, although you could be more creative on the enemies.


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