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It's out! Mega Ultimate Tut 2

2012-09-06 15:00:13 by MagicMichael66

Go see it, write a review. Tell me if you want to see more tutorials. Name what you want to do and I will search into it.

Mega Ultimate Tut 2

2012-09-02 04:58:07 by MagicMichael66

It's in the making. Here's some of the stuff you will face.

-Visually better (A LOT)
-More actionscript tutorials(The ones in the previous Mega Tutorial and a whole bunch of more)
-Art Tutorials
-Explanation of actionscript
-Overally, it's well put. It's not blund.

I won't upload it anytime soon. School starts and I'm also learning guitar.

Mega Ultimate Tutorial

2011-12-05 15:30:14 by MagicMichael66

Currently making an updated version of Mega Ultimate Tutorial. I fixed the bland layout and will add more actionscript tutorial and tuts for art.
What is more is that user robogobodo made a youtube video in which he reviews my flash tut. He is a flash portal reviewer, so please check out his work in youtube and newgrounds.

Here's the link to the review.